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Baryn Futa Appreciates Art as More Than an Investment

June 15, 2018
While virtually every human appreciates art on some level, not everyone is positioned to be able to support the arts to the extent that is needed. Nearly everyone agrees that art is beautiful and that it serves as a defining element of every human society that should be supported. Unfortunately for everyone, Baryn Futa has found that much of that art appreciation is superficial, which means art and artists is too often taken for granted. It is that level of neglect that drives Baryn Futa's work, which is largely to increase the level of support of the fine arts. As he sees things, brilliant should be welcomed as very important societal figures and they should not simply scrape by, they should thrive. That is why he spends so much of his time and energy trying to cultivate even greater art appreciation.

Baryn Futa is trying to pick up as much of the art appreciation slack as he can. He sees the arts as a great cause that benefits all of society, he also sees it as a profitable and useful investment. Strangely, Baryn Futa didn't always have such a deep appreciation for the arts. He was kind of a latecomer to the art world. It wasn't until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum (DAM) that an appreciation of the arts became apparent to him. It was like he was hit by a clap of thunder, and few were more surprised than he that he developed such a deep attraction to the art world.

Baryn Futa used his time at the DAM to cultivate his love of the arts and art history by attending art fairs and museum exhibitions and anything else he could find. He also took many arts classes and even established his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive.