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Dedicated art supporter Baryn Futa

September 15, 2018
Art is an intrinsic part of life. Artists begin sketching without education. Artists express themselves without any formal boundaries developing their work. It’s an innate piece of society that tells a story and has since the beginning of time. Baryn Futa recognizes this vital piece of culture and strives to protect it through all measures -- and he has done so through the recession and into thriving times when support for the growth of the arts can be found easier. Futa encourages others to explore this beautiful piece of expression in the world, from globally renowned museums to community theaters and more, and support those who make art their life’s passion. Just as Baryn Futa has been called to aid the arts in every way possible, so, too, may others be called to do the same once they have thoroughly enjoyed just one moving painting or the perfect play on any given day.